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Assisted Competitive Employment

Northeast Career Planning’s Assisted Competitive Employment (ACE) program offers a continuum of services which compliments the organizations already existing successful supported employment program.  Our program focuses its service approach on the foundation that competitive employment is a recovery goal.  Services are individualized and participant choice is at the center of all service interventions. 

Northeast Career Planning’s ACE program utilizes the Individual Placement and Supports (IPS) model (developed by Robert Drake and Deborah Becker).  This model is a federally recognized Evidence Based Practice for Persons with Mental Illness.  It has been extensively researched and found to be effective at achieving integrated community employment for persons with Mental Health Disorders.

The IPS model recognizes that the desire to work is a strong predictor of success. Therefore, employment specialists do not screen out prospective participants based solely upon perceived job readiness, legal history, substance use disorders, psychiatric symptoms, cognitive impairments, treatment decisions, personal presentation or other factors.  Northeast Career Planning encourages people to think about the benefits of employment.

The goals of this program are to provide all aspects of vocational services including engagement, assessment, job development, job placement, job coaching, job counseling, job related crisis intervention, benefits counseling and individualized and ongoing flexible follow-along supports.  The major program components that Northeast Career Planning utilizes include:

  •  Rapid job search
  • Integration of supported employment and mental health treatment
  • Attention to consumer preferences
  • Competitive employment is the goal (with or without supports)
  • Continuous and comprehensive assessment
  • Time-unlimited supportsUnderstanding that employment is an important aspect to a healthy, fulfilling life; Northeast Career Planning’s ACE program utilizes a team approach to assist people in reaching their employment and self sufficiency goals, as well as promote independence and integration in to the community.

Kiki Garg
Program Director
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