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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for NCP’s services?

All individuals with a documented barrier to employment are eligible for NCP’s services, including developmental, physical and mental health disabilities, and drug and alcohol related barriers.

You may be eligible for NCP’s services if you:

  • Have sustained an injury resulting in a change in occupational capabilities
  • Have a medical condition which limits occupational capabilities
  • Are or have received receiving mental health counseling
  • Are or have received high school Special Education services
  • Are or have been in recovery for addiction to alcohol or other substances
  • Are or have been struggling to maintain employment

Does NCP serve people with any disability?

NCP serves individuals with any type of disability, including physical, emotional and developmental disabilities. This also includes people with hearing and visual impairments, acquired illnesses and learning disabilities.

Will I have to pay for services at NCP?

No. Services are free if you qualify for funding through one of NCP’s grants or contracts. Current funding sources include, but are not limited to: the Office of Mental Health, Adult Career and Career Education Services (ACCES-VR), Department of Social Services, NYS Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services, OPWDD and Medicaid.

What ages do you serve?

NCP provides services primarily to adults over the age of 18; however our School-to-Work program provides services to students over the age of 14.

Is NCP a state agency?

No, we are a private, not-for-profit vocational rehabilitation agency.

I’m an employer who needs workers. Can you help me?

Yes. NCP can help fill job openings, answer questions about hiring persons with disabilities, consult on reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities, and educate staff about working with job coaches. For more information, please contact the Job Placement Department at 438-3445 for details.

I need a job. Can you help me?

Yes. NCP can help you update your resume, advise on the job search process, critique your interview skills and secure employment.

My family member has a disability. How do I help them start this process?

Contact your local ACCES-VR office at 518-473-8097, toll-free at 800-272-5448 or by TTY at 518-457-2318 (ACCES-VR). You can also discuss NCP with your mental health service provider and/or talk to your school guidance counselor.

I want to make a career change. How do I begin?

NCP offers persons with disabilities career counseling, vocational interest testing, aptitude assessment and review of labor market trends in occupational areas of interest.