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Staff Highlight – August 2016

August 1, 2016

Lyn C.

Lyn Caggiano-Cresswell

Lyn will be celebrating 5 years of employment with Northeast Career Planning coming up in November. Lyn came to us from WWAARC, formerly New Visions, where she was perfectly happy in her roles as Job Coach and MSC.  Not really searching, Lyn stumbled upon our OASAS Job Developer position posting, and the rest is history!

Lyn attended SUNY Cobleskill and SUNY Albany to obtain a B.A. in English, worked in the restaurant industry for many years, then briefly in the banking industry before being introduced to human services at Center for Disability Services. Lyn’s background in the business world, her job development and employment experience at WWAARC, and her willingness to learn and take on new challenges have been a tremendous asset to our OASAS Services program.  Lyn can be seen regularly meeting with OASAS consumers in our Colvin Avenue office, doing intakes and providing employment services at Hope House Outpatient Clinic, assisting with groups at Homer Perkins Center, or just generally being helpful as part of our two person OASAS Team!

Outside the office, proud mother Lyn and her two daughters volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House where they bake goodies for families staying at the house. Lyn is also active in the Guilderland PTA.  A “very amateur” astronomer, Lyn enjoys looking at the sky every night.

In summing up her love for her work, Lyn is grateful for the hope she is able to bring to consumers on their road to recovery by believing in them, and helping them to navigate many of the changes they encounter as they strive to improve their lives.