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Supported Employment

Supported Employment Services

NCP provides individuals with disabilities the supports necessary to choose, find, establish and maintain a job using a person centered approach. Employment Specialists (ES) and Job Coaches work one on one with an individual to determine job preparedness, develop job search strategies, provide on site job training, support and advocacy.

Finding the Right Job

Upon referral, an individual is assigned to an ES to determine the level and type of support needed during the job search. Supported employment services include career exploration, resume preparation, job development, interview skills, training and advocacy.

Additionally, NCP provides comprehensive disability awareness training to all employers in advance of an individual’s employment. Referral and linkage to outside sources for this assistance is available as well.

On the Job Training

Once employment is obtained, a Job Coach provides onsite job training in addition to supplementing any formal training by the employer. Job Coaches are available to all employees from the start of employment until minimal additional support is needed. Job Coaches provide travel training, advocacy onsite for any necessary adaptations to the workplace environment, emotional support for employees and further development of work site socialization opportunities.

Extended Job Support

Once employees begin to adapt to their new jobs a Job Coach is no longer needed, the individual will transition into Extended Services. ES’s will provide the supports necessary to assist with job longevity including regular onsite visits to both the individual and the new employer. Northeast Career Planning’s ES’s will be available to help mitigate and provide support or re-placement should any issues arise. ES can also provide assistance with career advancement opportunities.

For more information on Supported Employment services contact:

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