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Veteran Services

As a result of a physical injury, post traumatic stress disorder, or other disabilities, many veterans are returning home and discovering that they can no longer return to their pre-service employment.

The Veterans Program at Northeast Career Planning serves individuals referred by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Vocational Rehabilitation Unit. We currently provide vocational assessment and training to disabled veterans.

The program includes:

  • Enhanced Vocational Evaluation
    Vocational testing and background information to serve as an assessment of veteran’s skills, aptitudes and interests. A vocational evaluation can help to determine other areas of strength so alternative career options can be explored.
  • In-Home Computer Training
    Introductory computer training provided as a companion to the VA’s purchase of laptop computers for qualified veterans.
  • “No Man Is An Island”
    Classroom training in basic computer operation, Internet use and overview of software applications.
  • Case Management and Job Placement
    Assistance in obtaining needed services and/or job seeking information to help veterans enhance their living and employment situation.

For more information contact:

Kiki Garg
Program Director
(518) 465-5201